Rooftop Solar Power - Frequently Asked Questions

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How many solar panels do I need?

Power generation capacity is denoted in kilowatts (kW). We analyse your past energy use pattern and design a system that can generate as much energy as you consume on a yearly basis. Solar panels come in 330 to 600 watts. A 10kW system will have 30 modules of 335Wp. Calculate your own power plant size with our solar power calculator
net metering for solar power

What is net Metering?

Net metering (or net energy metering, NEM) is an electricity billing mechanism that allows consumers who generate some or all of their own electricity to use that electricity anytime, instead of when it is generated.
solar power system in monsoon

Does solar power system work in rainy season?

Solar panels work at the peak of their capacity on summer days. They give lower output when the sky is cloudy in the monsoon. However, net metering takes care of the low generation in Monsoon by exporting excess electricity to the grid. We analyse your year round energy use pattern and design your solar power system in order to give you practically zero energy charges whenever possible.
solar power system during power cut

Does solar power system work during a power cut?

Being tied to the grid means you can still draw power from the utility, and if you have net metering, you can also send power back to it as well. During a power outage, your solar power system is automatically shut off as a safety measure to prevent what is called “islanding”. Grid tied systems can be equipped with smart electricity storage technology and batteries to provide both anti - islanding and backup during power cuts.
solar power system on building

Can my building sustain the weight of solar panels?

The weight of solar panels and mounting structures is distributed over a large area of the roof. Also most of the modern buildings are designed to sustain adequate buffer of extra loads. Weight of solar power systems is well within these limits. For antique and historical buildings, our structural engineering team designs special mounting structure with speciality high strength lightweight materials.

Housing Societies

solar panels for housing society

How is Solar Power System useful for a housing society?

Residential societies with apartments use solar power for their common areas and facilities instead of supplying solar energy to individual apartments. This is usually due to the available roof-space and the fact that one single larger solar plant has better economics than many smaller individual solar plants adding up to the same size. Common facilities include,
  • Lifts
  • Common area lighting
  • Parking lots
  • Club house
  • Society gym
  • Garden lighting
  • Water pump
solar panels for individual flat

Can individual flats have solar power?

Housing society members can agree upon the use of common terrace space for solar power plants powering apartments. Model by laws of co-operative housing societies have provisions for obtaining written approval from housing society. Multiple flat owners can club their orders to avail economies of scale benefits.

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