Solar Power

Solar power plants for every need. Learn how home owners, housing societies, schools, colleges, businesses, industries and govenrnemt agencies can benefit from going solar.
Generate your own electricity. Go Green!

Housing Societies

solar power for housing society
Reduce monthly maintenance charges. Run common utilities on clean & green solar power. Advanced PV system design techniques like shadow analysis is used by our engineers to ensure maximum power genration on your terrace.

Houses & Bungalows

solar power for home
Live green. Embrace the sustainable lifestyle with solar power system for your home. Solar panels enhance the value of your home. Our team of designers makes sure they look stunning on your roof.

Commercial Buildings

solar power for office buildings
Beat high commercial electricity prices with solar power. Give your business the green edge. Solar power is an essential part of modern business infrastructure. With net metering, the system gives simply the cheapest electricity for your office.

Factories and Industries

solar power for factory
Cost of industrial power is greatly reduced through peak shaving. Entire power demand can be obtained through off site ground mounted solar power plants. Get high capacity, high performance industrial grade solar power generation systems. Go green.

Government & Municipal

solar power for government building
Build long lasting, affordable, and sustainable infrastructure with solar power. Set an example for the general public. Huge savings resulting from solar power electricitiy generation is a guanranteed way of reducing deficit and preserving surplus revenue for public projects.

Schools & Colleges

solar power for schools and colleges
Education, innovation and ideas powered by the Sun! Going solar can result in better facilities for students. Schools, colleges, universities are ideal for solar power generation because of unused roof spaces and daytime operation hours.
Leading solar power system integrator providing Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) services in rooftop solar, ground mounted residential, commercial, and industrial consumers.
Extensive experience with financing, monetization, securitization of plants. Unmatched speed for aprovals of Net metering, power purchace agreements, open access and feed in tariff.

Generate Your Own Clean Electricity


Awards & Recognition

Maharashtra Energy Development Agency (MEDA) Channel Partner under Grid Connectd Rooftop Solar program


Our power plant components are duly certified by IEC, MNRE, MEDA, IP6x and other concerned agencies.


  • Mono PERC PV Modules
  • Bifacial PV Modules
  • Designed for Reachability
  • Half Cut Solar Cells
  • Hot Dip Galvanzed Steel Mounting
  • Advanced Shadow Analysis
  • Intelligent String Design
  • Solar Irradiance Based Estimation
  • Hybrid Solar Inverter
  • Microinverters
  • Li-ion Battery Storage
  • Remote Monitoring

Our Clients

5000+ households
250+ housing societies
solar panels on terrace, greenary - Pune
Proud to be saving the planet; glad to be saving money.
Mr. Pasalkar, Pune
solar panels on terrace, skyline - Mumbai
We have the latest solar panel technlogy for our huosing society. Thanks to PCS.
Mr. Dinesan, Mumbai
solar panels on roof - Navi Mumbai
I'm satisfied with timely installation & after sales support.
Mr. Deshpande, Navi Mumbai

Calculate Your Plant Size

Find out the system capacity you need to reduce the energy charges in your electricity bill to zero using solar power capacity calculator. High capacity 450Wp monocrystalline PV modules are considered for calculation.
10 kW
23 modules
600 sq feet
Congratulations! Looks like you'll need a 10kW system. Schedule a discussion with our solar power consultants to know pricing and technical details. Let's get started.
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